Tatalaksana Dermatitis Statis dengan Kortikosteroid Topikal

  • Letvi Mona Bagian Ilmu Kesehatan Kulit dan Kelamin Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Baiturrahmah, Padang
  • Dina Arwina Dalimunthe 2. Departemen Ilmu Kesehatan Kulit dan Kelamin Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Sumatera Utara / RSUP H. Adam Malik, Medan
Keywords: Statis dermatitis, venous insufficiency, kortikosteroid Topikal


Stasis dermatitis is inflammation of the dermis caused by venous insufficiency. It’s results from an increase pressure of veins in the inferior extremity. This article report a 51 years old woman with complaints of itching and redness on her right leg. Since 6 months ago, she always had to took her husband who diagnosed with prostate cancer to bathroom and rarely sat down. On dermatological examination  was found edema and erythematous macules and venectation  in her right leg. Diagnosis in this patient was stasis dermatitis and varicose. The patient treated with desoxymethasone cream and cetirizine tablet.  Patients  are also advised to further elevate her feet when sitting and sleeping at night. According to the literature  the prevalence of stasis dermatitis often occurs in middle age and in individuals over the age of 50 years and is more dominant in women. Standing  for a long time is also one of the risk factors in the incidence of stasis dermatitis